BYDS Breakdown – October Newsletter

As the last of the jacaranda blossoms fall to the ground, I reflect on the beautiful works that our team here at BYDS have created with our communities right up to year’s end. What our team has created is significant to the individuals themselves as well as their families and our wider community.

Zainab Kadhim, Craig Taunton, Jessica Paraha, David Miller, Ola Elhassan, Christopher Woes, Kavita Bedford, Amanda Smith, Tim Wall, Willem Booker, Hana Mansour, Fadle El Harris, Isabella Henriques, Hope Sankari, Bilal Hafda, Vyvienne Abla, Bankstown Poetry Slam, Kevin Ngo and so many people at so many schools, community organisations and all of the staff at the Bankstown Arts Centre enable us to do what we do.

Huge thanks to all – I really do love my team.

We have an exciting 2019 ahead of us artistically and we invite you to stay attached to us throughout that.

The team at BYDS wishes you a safe and happy holiday and the wish that 2019 brings more amazing experiences to you and yours in a more equitable world.

A small recap of our year below.

Tim Carroll

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