Outloud is a multi-arts company that exists to enrich and empower the young people and wider community of Bankstown Canterbury area.

Our projects have taken the forms of rap and music production and performance, theatre, performance and written poetry, magazines and publishing, dance, multimedia, interview recording, bus tours, indigenous dance and language and oral histories.

We aim to up-skill and inspire our participants and audiences, and let local voices tell stories that might not otherwise be heard.



Run by Craig Taunton, RESPECT is a music program for boys under 12 years old, teaching them about domestic violence and gender equality, with a view to prevent and reduce domestic violence in the future.

Based in primary schools, our facilitators teach lyric writing and music performance alongside discussions about the nature and causes of domestic violence and how they can lend their voices and lives to being active agents in preventing it. 

Over 12 weeks, the boys write, record and perform an original song, and also become active agents of social change and role models in their schools. 

RESPECT has been assessed by Murdoch university as a model project that leads to long term change in the boys that are a part of it.

RESPECT is funded by The Smith Family’s Community for Children project, the Australian Government through the Department of Social Services, and Impact100.

Stories of Strength

STORIES OF STRENGTH involves training cohorts of young local high school students in professionally interviewing at a level friends, family and neighbours who have a story of strength to tell. These stories are then showcased through various on-line and local platforms such exhibitions at local shopping centres and libraries. Our aim is to share these inspiring stories of resilience with a bigger audience to counter hate and division in our society.

Muslim Peers Project

The MUSLIM PEERS PROJECT is an online project initiative by Outloud to support young queer Muslims experiencing mental health distress. Led by a Muslim social worker, this project hopes to provide a safe space for young people to access culturally sensitive support. This project utilises community peer support and mentoring, and art-sharing to strengthen solidarity, connection and community understanding. We are offering mental health support to queer Muslims, with a focus on people living in South-West Sydney, but open to all people who fit this demographic.


Bankstown Poetry Slam

The Bankstown Poetry Slam (BPS) is Australia’s largest regular poetry slam. This multi-award winning not-for-profit was founded by UWS students Ahmad Al Rady and Sara Mansour in 2013, and is now NSW’s go-to poetry event.

Bringing in over 300 people every month, BPS has featured renowned spoken word poets such as Joel McKerrow, Mark Gonzales, Omar Musa and Luka Lesson and offers people of all ages a platform with which to perform their spoken word poetry.


4Elements Music Project is the brainchild of Vyvienne Abla and uses HipHop culture to engage young people and assist in breaking down barriers – helping young people find their voice, tell their stories, and belong in their community.

4E holds workshops, runs a festival and engages in professional development opportunities. 4E is not just about HipHop. It’s about bringing people together, self-expression, identity and respect.